Terms and Conditions

Prices are subject to change without notice. We offer discount prices monthly; please call our toll free number (800) 583-9916 for current pricing information.

Unless a signed tax exemption certificate is provided by the purchaser, all taxes applicable to equipment sold will be paid by the purchaser. (TEXAS CUSTOMERS ONLY)

Hi-Line Supply, Inc. offers a one year warranty, from date of purchase, on all repairs and materials sold, unless otherwise stated. All repairs and materials sold are labeled with a tamperproof I.D. sticker with serial number to verify item and date of purchase. If sticker is tampered with or removed, the warranty is voided. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Advance Replacements:
In the unfortunate event of an out or box failure or defect, within 14 days from date of purchase, Hi-Line will, within 24 hours (if replacement item is in stock and available), ship an advance replacement at no additional expense to our customer. The replacement item will be shipped to customer in same manner as original order.

Materials Purchased:
Upon request, Hi-Line Supply, Inc. will offer a bid on new or used telephone equipment. Bids are based on current inventory level and demand. Hi-Line reserves the right to refuse the purchase of any telephone equipment.

Return Policy:
All returns are subject up to a 30% restocking fee. Hi-Line Supply Inc. will not accept returns after 14 days from sales order date.