33-012-22J-RBNOOP 12 Fiber 62.5, Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Rated Type Buffer

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Tight Buffered Fiber
Dimension: 900┬Ám, nominal.
Tight buffered fiber color code: 1-blue, 2-orange, 3-green, 4-brown, 5-slate, 6-white, 7-red, 8-black, 9-yellow, 10-violet, 11-rose, and 12-aqua.
Cable strength
Water swellable aramid yarns are pulled in with the tight-buffered fibers under the outer jacket.
Outer Sheath
Black UV Resistant plenum rated jacket (or color per customer request)
Cable Markings
REMFO 33 SERIES, FIBER OPTIC CABLE, XX (No. of fibers)-62.5/125, REMEE PRODUCTS CORP., MM/YY (month & year of manufacture), OFNP C(ETL)US, Sequentially meter marked.
Special print as required by customer.
Nominal Cable Dimensions & Weights

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This document establishes the specification requirements for an indoor/outdoor multimode OM1, distribution fiberoptic cable. This cable construction consists of a distribution tight-buffered design with a plenum rated jacket suitable for outdoors in duct, indoors in the plenum space and acceptable in tray installation as well.
Brand Remee
Warranty 1 Year
SKU 33-012-22J-RBNOOP
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